Image Engine

At Image Engine we use many open source projects as part of our research and development efforts and in return are pleased to be releasing key components of our internal tool set back to the community.

Our primary contributions are to the Cortex project, where we have released the core libraries underlying our internal software development. These provide datatypes and algorithms applicable to a broad spectrum of visual effects development and are of use in multiple third party applications thanks to support libraries for Maya, Nuke, Houdini and RenderMan.

We are furthering our commitment by developing our new application framework, Gaffer, as an open source project from the outset. We aim to produce a dependency graph framework and associated UI toolkit to provide a native graphical environment for Cortex, and facilitate the development of a multitude of standalone end user tools.

Click here to watch the SIGGRAPH 2011 'Birds of a Feather' Cortex presentation.

Peter Muyzers, Chief Operating Officer

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